6 UK Organizations for People with Learning Disabilities

Are you in the United Kingdom? Learning disability is the reduced learning ability and a general difficulty in carrying out day to day activities. People with learning disabilities have increased chances of health problems that require a response that is ideal for them.
They also experience abuse and are sometimes unable to access health and support services with the urgency that these scenarios require. There are six UK organizations for people with learning disabilities.

They Are:

• National Autistic Society NAS

NAS is UK charity that deals with people living with Autism and Asperger syndromes. These characteristics increase the chances of a person having learning disabilities. Its aim is to help these people have healthy lives.

• The British Institute for Learning Development (The BILD)
The BILD is a British charity that is involved with the development of individuals with learning disabilities. It helps in the formation of policies and standards that are necessary for people with learning disabilities.

• Disability Law Service DLS
DLS is a charity organization that provides information assistance and advice to people with learning disabilities. They also offer free legal representation to these types of clients.

Hft (Formerly Home Farm Trust)
Hft is another UK national charity for people with learning disabilities. They also offer residential care for people with learning disabilities. Their aim is to make these people live their best possible lives.

Downs Syndrome Association
It’s a UK charity organization for people with learning disabilities. Its purpose it to give people living with Down’s syndrome full and rewarding happy lives.

Mencap is a UK organization charity that offers a broad range of services for people with learning disabilities in the UK. Another service that they offer is education and looking for employment to enable these people to live independent and fulfilling lives.
The above organizations are charities. You can help in supporting their services by contacting them online or through their contact numbers. Remember that this is one way of giving back to the society.