People With Disabilities, How to care for them

Learning disabilities are disorders that may disrupt or interfere with normal accusation, organization and understanding of knowledge and the use of verbal and non-verbal ques. Learning disabilities includes having a problem in understanding and retaining new or complex skills and information. It takes them more time to comprehend new information. These people can also not cope alone. They need help and in most cases they end up living with their families or sometimes they are taken to schools or institutions with the capability to take care of them and provide for their needs. Because of this, these people also have a problem adapting to adult life. The take time to get where they are able to stand by their own two feet. The effects of the disorders causing this are usually lasting.

Learning disabilities have several factors that cause them. These factors are usually labeled depending on what period they occurred in reference to the child’s birth time. The understanding of these factors helps in understanding the individual and how to care for them.

There are genetic disorders that contribute to learning disabilities. These can include klienfelters syndrome, Down’s syndrome etc. These is referred to as pre-natal. This is because this person got the condition form the parents’ genetic makeup. If there were complications during birth that led to the learning disabilities, this is called peri-natal. This can be from oxygen deprivation or uptake of various fluids such as the amniotic fluid by the baby which may lead to various complications leading to the child’s conditions. In the case of complications that occur after birth, such as accidents or sicknesses, it is called post-natal. These diseases can be such as meningitis. Apart from this, there can be a combination of more than one cause of the disabilities.

There are two types of disabilities. There is general learning disabilities where someone has difficulties in all areas of their learning. On the other side, there are people with difficulties in selected portions of their learning such as in reading and not in other areas.

These people, because of their delicate situation, need attention care and support in their lives. It is hard enough for them. However, it is not all times that these people get the love and care they deserve. In some communities, having learning disabilities is sometimes viewed as bad omen or a curse. Because of that they are shunned from the community. In others they are jut discriminated without caring to understand their special situation and their needs.

They need empowerment to reach the potential they are able to reach. Some of the can get to very high standards but only need someone to empower them and believe in them and what the can do. It helps believe in themselves and what they can do.

When being empowered, they also need to be given freedom of choice to choose what they want and what they think is best for them. This comes with supervision. However, do not be a stumbling block in their path. Open their lives to new horizons and let them live. Let them apply their individual reasoning in various situations for them to be able to tackle life as it comes.

Apart from that, they need love. Lots of love from the people around them will go a long way into making their lives the best they can ever be. In a loving environment, they can grow into who they want to be.